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Do you want to change the way Rheumatoid Arthritis is managed?

We invite you to take this short survey to see if you qualify for the BRAVO clinical study. The BRAVO clinical study is an observational research study to monitor disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

You qualify for the groundbreaking BRAVO Research Study if you:

  • have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis by a healthcare professional
  • are able to use our blood testing kit to send a sample up to 3 times in a 1 month span
  • have access to a computer or smartphone to be able to take health surveys

Participation in the BRAVO Research Study enables patients to:

  • Seek new understanding of the disease mechanism of RA
  • Improve RA research
  • Establish a new, more objective method of managing disease activity from the convenience of home.